ztrash! (_zombie_trash_) wrote in 6shooterlzrbeem,

Where are you all going?

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I drew this by hand in photshop with the fucking mouse. Not bad I think. Not fucking bad at all. It kinda makes me feel good about life. It was just me drawing whatever the fuck I wanted and not really caring. I think he's cute and unaware of the octopus about to eat him. Poor dude.
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i like this alot aaron. it has a 3 dimensional look to it.

do more!
Thanks ry ry. I'm glad you like it!!!! I really want to and I think it'll give me a nice break for a bit. Just weird freehand pixel art.
yes! not caring owns!
this is really fuckin kewl!
sweet colors too.
Awesome worlds slugasaurus. Glad you dig.